Skin Recommendation: SLink! Salome Crema

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The first skin recommendation is by Siddeon Munro of SLink (Lotus Island 117, 57, 22). Her shop offers a diverse selection of female hair, clothing, and skins, all items are hand-painted.

Siddeon describes the Crema tone as a deep coffee coloured skin and I have to happily agree. One of the first things i noticed from her initial post on the SL Forums was how rich the colours of each dark skin tone was. Crema indeed has a nice creamy tone to it and it is available in 5 lipstick shades (pictured is Crema Cherry skin which features cherry lipstick, other lipstick options available are dark red, fuschia, peach, and a very nice tangerine)

The Salome line of skins features excellent detailing such as slight wrinkling at the knuckles, realistic looking fingernails, soft feminine looking stomach, pert nipples (lol) and more, click the pic to see the uncensored montage.

Individual skins are $800 L each. With fatpacks of 5 skins for $2000L. Demos of each skin are available for $1 L. Customizations such as scars, beauty marks, freckles, different nail colours, special makeup, different nipples, and pubic hair. Pricing for customizations are dependant upon the amount of work @ the time of request.

for those of you looking for a lighter yet dark-toned skin Salome is also available in two more dark tones (Mocha and Latte)

Stop by SLink! and try out a Demo and then pick up a skin or two :P, and if you see Siddeon say hi! šŸ˜€ you can also view Siddeon’s website @

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